• Welcome to Mich’s Monday Mantra for today! Our Mantra this week is “Embrace Help From Others”

    So many times we block others from our life and struggles and make ourselves an Island. By doing this it makes one’s life so difficult and overwhelming.

    We MUST “Embrace Help From Others” to help us along in our journey, so our lives don’t become so overwhelmed.

    Those around you- Family, friends, HIV health care team and support team are waiting and willing to help you- all you have to do is ask!

    Enjoy the video

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  • Happy Monday, here is Mich’s Monday Mantra coming to you Live from the Harbor in Dana Point, California.
    This week’s Mantra is “Let Your Dreams Soar”
    We all put limitations on our Dreams and pass them over, with negative thoughts, “what if’s” and “it will never happen’s”. We must allow our “Dreams to Soar”, without limitation. This will align our energy with our Dreams and have us focus on the mindset that our dreams can come true if we believe they can….
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  • Today’s Mich’s Monday Mantra is “Living Your Truth”

    This is a mantra we should all be repeating day after day.
    In order to progress in our personal journey, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it is a MUST that we “Live our Truth:

    Dig deep within, meditate and let your soul speak to you, realize your Truth and Live IT!!

    In Health

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  • Although the risk of HIV transmission is much less among women who have sex with women compared to men who have sex with men or heterosexuals, but the risk does exist despite popular belief. Case reports indicate that mucous membrane, oral or vaginal, exposure to vaginal secretions and menstrual blood can lead to HIV infection.

    CDC data reports that up until December 2004, a total of 246, 461 women were reported as HIV infected. Of these, 7,381 women were reported to have had sex with women. However, they had other risk factors, such as drug use, receipt of blood or blood products, or had sex with men. 534 women reported to have had sex only with women, but 91% had another risk factor, such as injection drug use. Up until today, there is no reported case of female to female transmission of HIV in absence of another risk factor. However, the absence of a confirmed case does not negate the possibility of transmission. Therefore, much awareness of preventative methods is necessary.

    It is important that women know their own and their partner’s serostatus in order to make necessary behavioral changes to reduce the chance of becoming infected or infect others. Infected women can and should get early treatment in order to achieve better clinical outcome and to avoid infecting others. Because HIV transmission is possible through mucous membrane exposure to bodily fluids, condoms should be used when using sex toys. However, sex toys should not be shared. Natural rubber latex sheets, dental dams, condoms that have been cut and spread open, or plastic wrap may provide some protection against HIV transmission during oral sex.

    Sexual identity does not protect or subject a person to HIV infection. It is the person’s behavior that places him or her at risk. Therefore, always take necessary preventative measures to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

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  • Welcome to Mich’s Monday Mantra , this is Mich, Your Online HIV Pharmacist coming to you LIVE from Dana Point California.

    This weeks Mich’s Monday Mantra is “We Will Never Forget” Yesterday was the 30th Anniversary of the first Diagnosed AIDS Cases in the United States

    We Will Never Forget all those we have lost to this Disease!

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  • The emergence of antiretroviral resistant HIV strains has always been an ongoing concern among the medical communities.  HIV infects and replicates extremely rapidly within the host. The replication process is prone to error and can result in a genetically different viral population in each host. Within such diversity, chances are, there will be strains that are resistant to one or multiple classes of antiretroviral therapy (ART). The drug resistant strains can be transmitted, which raises fear of the possibility of a widespread epidemic and the detrimental implications it has on public health. The main concern is that those infected with the drug resistant strains will not respond optimally when they begin ART. Therefore, this primary drug resistance can lead to treatment failure and eventually mortality.

    In a recent mathematical model study from San Francisco, researchers designed a complex ART resistance network model to trace the history of ART resistance in San Francisco and to extrapolate and predict future dynamics. The results show that 60% of the current ART resistant strains can cause self-sustaining epidemics, implying a serious emerging threat to public health. [1]

    In addition, an observational study done by Wittkop and colleagues[2] shows that 9.5% of HIV patients with primary resistance to at least one drug are at three times the risk of virological failure compared to resistance-free patients.  However, when the initial ART regimen was determined by genotypic resistance testing, patients had similar clinical outcomes regardless of primary drug resistance. Thus, this study reinforces the current treatment guideline for baseline resistance testing in order to determine optimal ART regimen.

    To read the rest of the article please go to www.michrx.com and join today……..it’s FREE

    [1] Smith RJ, Okano JT, Kahn JS, et al. Evolutionary dynamics of complex networks of HIV-resistant strains: the case of San Francisco. Science 2010; 327: 697-701.

    [2] Wittkop L,  Gunthard HF, de Wolf F, et al. Effects of transmitted drug resistance on virological and immunological response to initial combination antiretroviral therapy for HIV: a European multicohort study. Lancet Infect Dis 2011; published online Feb 28. DOI:10.1016/S1473-3099(11)70032-9.

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    Good morning and welcome to Mich’s Monday Mantra, I am here in Dana Point California, in my garden to be exact. Today I am going to tell you about what happened over this past weekend, about the incredible storm that hit our city; in fact the rain has just stopped about minute ago. Since the storm has gone away I have decided to go out and do my Mantra for you. After the very strong storm, the vigor of it is still obvious, I can still see the streets all wet, the road is still and quiet, and you can still feel the rain falling out of the trees that were dancing with the storm awhile ago, the flowers around me with raindrops glistening on them. All water makes it look like there’s crystals glued on them. You can just feel the spring in the air, birds singing and rejoicing, everything has come back to life from being like a ghost town and it has all come alive. The Mantra for this day is about bringing the spring back to all of us. For us to pop up with bliss and come alive with the dreams, hopes and aspirations, that we all wish for ourselves , all this can come to life, all this can possibly happen. Even when  we are dealing with hardships, and fears in our lives, all can be well , all of this can be calmed and go away, if we simply look deep within and bring out the spring and the joy within. So my Mantra for you today is to just relax and try to bring out your joy to bring the spring back and have a great week in health. This is Mich bringing my Mantra you.