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    Hi everybody! I am Michelle from MichRx.com. Happy Monday to all of you, I am coming to you from the perfect venue to meditate and give you some words of wisdom, here in lagoon beach. This is where there are pelicans on the rocks behind me and the quite still Pacific Ocean…This is my blog post for today and I’m titling it “Mich’s Monday Mantra” which will be on my dailydose blog (www.thedailydose.com) and MichRx.com (www.MichRx.com) which I am going to bring you every Monday with some word of wisdom, things that I have come up with, for you to enjoy, things to think about and things to provoke thought.

    Try to reflect on what had happened on Japan when they had a disaster facing tsunami. If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. It’s about finding hope or keeping hope no matter what and no matter when things happen in our life. For, indeed, it is never too late to hope.

    On Friday, a terrible disaster happened on Japan, many people died and for those lucky ones that had the chance to live, we’re homeless. I felt and saw those earth movements, those huge universal vehicles and I looked at those who are living with HIV. I looked at the devastating earthquake like as you were getting your diagnosis to your HIV diagnosis for the first time. Sending cracks and ramifications right through your body and the feeling of complete despair and of no control, literally it’s the earth moving under your feet. Which was followed then by a huge devastating tsunami and what you can only imagine is like the feeling of desperation, fear and disbelief in getting the HIV diagnosis. But I want you to know that there is hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Living with HIV means you have to take your medicine everyday and follow your routine and be involved in everything that’s going on with your health care. We must know that this is manageable, you can live with HIV, you don’t have to die, look at the people around you, everyone who surrounds you could be the reason for you to live, a lineup of people that are before you, help you in this time of need and help you through with the disease progression living with HIV and doing your own medications. Monday Mantra is about finding health and vitality even while you are living with the HIV and even that you have to take your medications. MichRx is the tool then to find about things that can help you to live healthier and feel better on day to day basis. This will be our first Monday Mantra. So, till here, This is Michelle of MichRx.com.

  • Mich’s Monday Mantra for today is “Reflections on Memorial Day”
    Reflecting on remembering our Troops who have sacrificed their lives in fighting for our country.
    We must also support those returning home, wounded either physically or mentally. We must must support them and make sure they are provided the health care and respect they deserve
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    Today’s Mich’s Monday Mantra is “Calming The Storm Within”
    Once you can take control of negative thoughts, manage them and discard them, and “Let go of your Fear”, THEN You can begin to “Calm the Storm Within”
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  • On May 20, 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new antiretroviral drug Edurant (rilpivirine). It is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI). It is approved for treatment naïve patients who have not previously been treated with ART.

    Clinical trial results show that Edurant shares similar safety and efficacy to Sustiva (efavirez). 83% of study participants on Edurant achieved undetectable viral load after 48 weeks of treatment compared to 80% of participants on Sustiva.  However, data shows that participants who failed Edurant were more likely to experience drug resistance than those who failed Sustiva.  Resistance was seen in other antiretrovirals they were taking and other NNRTIs. In addition, participants who started Edurant with viral loads greater than 100,000 copies per millimeter were less likely to achieve viral suppression than those who had lower baseline viral load. 13% of participants on Edurant experienced virologic failure, whereas 9% in Sustiva participants.

    Edurant shares similar side effects to those of Sustiva. Common side effects seen in study participants were depression, insomnia, headache, and rash. However, only 2% of Edurant participants stopped taking the medication due to side effects versus 7% seen in Sustiva participants.

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    The National Gay and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) published the results of the first national study of transgender group on a big range in the United States, underscoring the intensity of discrimination against transsexuals in a wide range of areas, including health care.

    The information, “The injustice at every step”, says the startling results from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), which was derived from responses from more than 6,450 transgender Americans:

    Prejudices in health care and poor health is frequent experienced by respondents. 19% reported being left without care because of discrimination against transgender people, with large number among respondents of color. 50% said they educate their healthcare providers concerning caring for transgender people.

    Respondents were more than four times the national average of HIV, with rates highest among transgender people of color.

    The respondents who were terminated because of Prejudices was reported HIV represent 4.59%, more than 7 times exceeding the general public (0.6%) and more than twice the number of those who didn’t lose their career (2.06%).

    Respondents who said they had to stop schooling because of aggravation were HIV positive at a rate of 5.14% (more than 8 times the rate of HIV in the general population, 0.6%) compared to 1.87% of respondents not infected.

    There is a positive side, even if the obstacles are frequent, transgender people manage to surpass. Above 78% stated they feel at ease at work and that their performance has enhanced in return, even in the midst of similar level of harassment in the company.

    There is still a massive desire for transgender-sensitive health education, health care and prevention campaigns. Data must be sought in terms of health risks, outcome and needs in relation to transgender people. Separate entries should be made for transgender women and transgender men, as HIV rates can be accurately tracked and properly investigated. This report shows we still have a long way to go in terms of equality and discrimination can affect all aspects of life such as HIV-disease and healthcare in general.

  • Welcome to Mich’s Monday Mantra, coming to you LIVE from the Marine Institute in Dana Point, California

    Our mantra for today is “Letting Go of Fear”

    Fear is a paralyzing debilitating emotion, that stops us from living out our dreams and living life to the fullest!
    Let go of FEAR today and start Living your life

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  • Results of a new study indicate that a vaccine against HIV may not necessarily require the production of protective antibodies in the blood the way most traditional vaccines work. A new target of HIV vaccine research and development may involve causing the virus to trigger the body to produce mucosal antibodies in the vagina and rectum.

    Researchers have been looking for an HIV vaccine that works like most traditional vaccines, which involves introducing the body to a version of an infectious organism that prompts the immune system to quickly produce antibodies in the blood. These antibodies are then able to bind to and destroy the organism if it is encountered in the future. Unfortunately vaccine research in HIV using this concept has been unsuccessful thus far, displaying a need to use a different strategy for research.

    It is known that HIV is mainly transmitted mucosally during sexual intercourse. There have been documented cases where people have been able to resist HIV infection despite repeated high-risk exposures. These individuals did not produce antibodies to the virus in the blood, but had evidence of antibodies (called IgG) in mucosal tissue. This inspired researchers to think that rather than focus on the production of antibodies in the blood, they should look at whether a vaccine can provoke the production of HIV-protective antibodies in the sites most commonly tied to infection, such as the vagina and rectum.

    This new study evaluated whether an intranasal or intramuscular vaccine could trigger the body to produce these mucosal antibodies and provide protection against HIV. The researchers administered a vaccine to 5 moneys and a placebo to the other 6. All of the monkeys were exposed vaginally to the monkey version of HIV, called simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), and were followed for six months.

    The study found that all 5 of the vaccinated monkeys failed to become infected with SIV, and all 5 produced both IgG in mucosal tissue as well as another mucosal antibody called IgA. Interestingly, the antibodies in their blood completely lacked the ability to neutralize the virus. All 6 of the monkeys who received a placebo became infected with SIV.

    The results of this study challenge the idea that circulating antiviral antibodies in the blood are required for protection against HIV infection, and shed some light on using a different research approach. Further studies will be needed to confirm these results, but the study provides hope in using a new direction for research and development of a human vaccine against HIV.

  • Hello and Welcome to Today’s Mich’s Monday Mantra
    Our Mantra for Today is “Tapping Into The Joy Within”

    We can tap into ourselves for joy and happiness and not depend on circumstances or others to enable Joy and happiness within us!
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  • Welcome to Mich’s Monday Mantra for Monday 5/2/2011

    Today’s Mantra is Play & Have Fun”


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